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Believers are called to care about many things missions, spiritual formation, helping the poor and oppressed, standing for truth and righteousness, and more.

But it’s vital to identify the issues that are foundational to all others and the most critical to our culture right now.

Learn what today’s top Christian thinkers identify as the most pressing issues, as well as ways to respond to these challenges, in a brand-new book called Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty: What Belongs to God, What Belongs to Caesar (Essays for the Tenth Anniversary of the Manhattan Declaration).

This insightful book was compiled to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Manhattan Declaration, which Chuck Colson initiated and courageously drafted.

We want to send a copy to you today as our thanks for partnering with the Colson Center this month. Your generous gift helps inform, equip and unite Christians and Christian organizations across the denominational spectrum.

Thank you for joining God’s work to build a movement of Christians committed to voicing, living out and promoting the Christian worldview.

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